San Vito Lo Capo

The crystal-clear turquoise sea, the beach of fine white sand, the bright fuchsia of bougainvillea, the gold of sunset and cous cous. Colours that remain in the soul.

A point of land held between sky and sea

A point of land stretched out towards Africa, embraced in-between two nature reserves.
You do not arrive in San Vito Lo Capo by chance. You must choose it. And once you get there, it will not be easy to leave again.
Here nature will make you feel in harmony. The beach is an irresistible temptation, history peeps out from the area and appetite is bewitched by the traditional flavours.
The gulf, wide and welcoming, cuddles you into its embrace and the lighthouse is a silent sentinel. A true balm for body and soul.
An enchanting atmosphere, in which everyone takes care of your happiness.