Things to do

Ten things to do in San Vito Lo Capo

A dive in Baia Santa Margherita

Crystal clear waters, wild and unspoiled nature and a small sandy bay surrounded by cliffs and olive trees. Baia Santa Margherita lies at just 10 km from San Vito Lo Capo, between Castelluzzo and Macari and is dedicated to the saint to whom the fishermen of the area were devoted. In one of the most beautiful gulfs in the Mediterranean, the sea is enclosed between the majesty of Mount Cofano and the cliffs of Calamancina. A part of the long coast, which alternates rocks and sand, can be reached by an electric train. Here the sea water is always mild, not less than 24 degrees in the summer and 14 in the winter.

A visit to Zingaro Nature Reserve

Seven kilometres of rocky coast, between dream coves and paths traced between ancient caves. Zingaro reserve is an open-air, pure and uncontaminated paradise. Immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation, it enchants with its harsh beauty, emerald waters and endless possibilities of living it, walking along its paths to discover the over 40 species of birds that inhabit it or the thousand-year-old traces of its history, or diving among hidden coves and underwater caves. Pack a backpack to have everything you need: water, a hat and, for lunch, bring pane cunzato, a local specialty: a delicious sandwich filled with origan, tomato, cheese and salted anchovies.

Sunset from Mount Cofano

One of the most beautiful sunsets in the area can be admired from Mount Cofano, the peak overlooking the town, a nature reserve. For those who love trekking or mountain biking, an easy path accessible to all allows to circumnavigate this stunning and majestic mountain, while the bravest can climb up to the top. Walking along these paths offers unique emotions, between archaeological sites and defensive towers your gaze gets lost among the rocky walls that rise dizzyingly from the depths of the sea. From the top you can enjoy a breath-taking view of the gulf of Bonagia, one of the most beautiful and suggestive views in Sicily.

Taste a dish of Cous Cous

Fish couscous is the specialty of local cuisine and has become the symbol of the area. You can taste it in every local restaurant. The traditional version is fish-based, made with soup fish. After tasting San Vito’s traditional recipe, in September, the month in which Cous Cous Fest takes place, try one of the many recipes proposed by chefs from all over the world.

Attend the ‘ncocciata

During the traditional preparation, couscous is soaked with salted water and ‘incocciato’. Through this ancient gesture – which consists in a constant rotating movement of the hands – called, exactly, ‘ncocciata – the durum wheat semolina is transformed into many small grains and gives life to couscous. Attending the couscous ‘ncocciata is like attending an ancient ritual in which the ingredients are slowness, skill and a pinch of love.

A dive among ancient wrecks

Diving fans can discover the wreck of the Cypriot cargo ship Kent, sunk in 1978 in the waters in front of the tuna fishery. Called the “ship of the Korans” due to its load of sacred books, the wreck is populated by resident morays and conger eels, groupers, white bream, pelagic fish and many red scorpionfish. The waters of San Vito also preserve Circe, Enotria, Lussin and the British submarine Thunderbolt. A magnificent underwater universe just waiting to be discovered.

A walk to discover nature

The land of San Vito Lo Capo offers the possibility to carry out outdoor activities in every season: from trekking to cycling, immersed in a unique setting. Inside Zingaro nature reserve you can follow three paths of different difficulty: the coastal path, the mid-slope path and the high path. Instead, at Mount Cofano, you can choose to go around the coast following paths that overlook the sea or reach the top where your sight can enjoy a magnificent view that embraces Erice, the Egadi islands, the Gulf of Cofano, San Vito Lo Capo, Custonaci and the countryside around Trapani.

A visit to the ancient tonnara del Secco

Ancient home of tuna fishery and tuna fishermen, San Vito Lo Capo still preserves the ancient charm of the slaughter. At the tonnara del Secco, dated back to the fourth century BC, the nets have not been lowered into the sea since 1969 but you can still breath the mystery of the most distant legends. A visit to the tonnara is a leap into the past, it takes you back to when tuna was fished and processed in this place.

Admire the cliffs overhanging the sea

The adventure begins in the bowels of the mountains. San Vito Lo Capo claims one of the largest climbing areas in southern Italy. Almost five hundred perfectly bolted routes on an excellent rock climb up in the middle of breath-taking cliffs with pitches of all difficulties. From climbing to trekking, excitement runs between the mountain crags and the beautiful cliffs hanging over the sea, the ideal playgrounds for top climbers.

Immerse into nature between Macari and Castelluzzo

Macari and Castelluzzo are two small districts of the municipal territory. A walk between these two towns is a must for those who are fond of nature tourism. Immersed in the realest countryside, among paths that climb between prickly pears and Mediterranean flowers, and at a few steps from the sea, destinations that combine the authenticity of an uncontaminated environment with the ease of life and natural rhythms. In Castelluzzo you must taste the particular fragrance of local oil, extracted from the surrounding land.